Maintenance for a newborn newborn


After a birth of the baby require mom maintenance. Careful note should be paid a baby's diet. There are a lot of thinks that worry to solicitous mom and father - how to disaccustom a baby whining . Issues how to wean the child to write at night  is extremely influential. Sometimes amom and father lack a skills and knowledge as to disaccustom newborn from bottle . At times very significant time to take maintenance of a newborn. Is your baby still can not take leaving of himself why is needs of care parent. Solicitous medic knows that newborn needs daily maintenance. Particular attention requires be given to schedule for and feeding.

What to nourish a child 92 months

Amount of porridge can be 120-200 g.

A more water the newborn watter, juice, compote of strawberries. For early breakfast, a child is better to propose porridge.

In porridge, may be added cut into slices melon.

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