Newborn maintenance 1st days


Careful attention should be given to child hygiene. How to take care for a baby - solicitous mum cares. Not any correct to feed a newborn thoracal milk. A lot of questions which concern to every father and mum - as to wean the baby to touch. Problem however to wean a newborn from a fit  is highly influential. At times afather and mom lack the information and skills however to wean the newborn from the nipples . Sometimes highly influential time to take maintenance of a newborn. Is your baby still may not take maintenance of themselves and why is needs of maintenance father and mum. Carefully wash your child 2 times per day. Any doctor awares that the newborn requires every day maintenance.

How to wean from the soother

If a newborn is sucking a soother and will not give it to parents, when mom said, do then:

Ask a baby to gift the pacifiers a people he knows, for example to a parent.

Never give the nipple candy.

Entertain with it further, donate gifts.

The baby often mimics other older parent.

Encourage the newborn for refusing suckcarefully but gradually shrinking period of time when a newborn is allowed to suck the pacifier.

Show newborn to a older child - that not to suck.

Set the conditions under which child can to suck a soothers - during the illness then parent must be firm.

However to nourish a month old

Quantity of meals should be 130-190 g. For the right breakfast, the baby is better to propose gruel.

Porridge semolina,millet, oatmeal - this is best reasonable breakfast for newborn

The most helpful of porridge - rice,grits,millet.

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