Care of a newborn girl


Special note should be given to child health. Carefully wash the newborn in the morning. Best decision to nourish the child breastfeeding. A lot of issues that worry to each parent - however to disaccustom the baby written  . Questions however to disaccustom child from bottle  is very influential. Sometimes theparents do not have enough skills and knowledge how to disaccustom baby cry . Often extremely serious time to take care of a newborn. Is your child still may not take care of himself and why is needs of care mom. Special note should be paid to diet and feeding.

As to disaccustom off the soother

In the case that the baby is sucking the soothers and do not want give it to parent, when parents said, try the following:

Encourage your child for refusal of suck

Invite a child to gift his soothers a man he knows, as a parents.

Play with it further, donate small toys.

The newborn often mimics other older people.

Install conditions then it is possible sucking a pacifier - during a illness then parent must be steadfast.

Point out to a other child - they not to suck. Persistently declining span of time when a baby is allowed to suck the soothers.

Do not propose the nipple sweet.

Maintenance Tips

The more water the newborn watter, breeding juice, infusion of watermelon.

In porridge, may be added cut into slices apples.

Add the gruel a piece of cow butter, size 4 grams.

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