Supervision and care of the child


Careful note should be paid to newborn hygiene. Special note requires be paid to diet and feeding. Any mother knows that the newborn needs permanent maintenance. Thoroughly wash your newborn 2 times a day. How to care for the baby - normal mom worries. In the first few days after birth of a baby needs especially care. Best solution to feed the child breastmilk. There are a lot of questions which concern to modern parent - as a child is weaned at night . Thinks as to disaccustom a newborn waking up at night  is highly important. At times amother have not enough information and skills how to wean baby from bottle . At times extremely influential time to take leaving of a child. Is your child still can not take maintenance of themselves and therefore in need of maintenance mum.

However to wean off sucking

If a newborn suck a nipple and will not give it to father and mom, if mom ask, try a following:

Do not propose the soothers confection.

Play with the newborn, donate stickers.

Ask a baby to gift a soother a people he likes, such as a mother.

Show child to the other baby - that not to the soothers.

Child often need to be parents and imitate older baby.

Install regulations under which it is possible to suck a nipple - during the illness then parent must be firm.

Promote a child for refusal of sucksteadily declining period of time when a baby is allowed to suck a pacifier.

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