Child maintenance temperature


A lot of problems that concern to normal mum - however to wean the baby drink at night . Thinks quickly wean child from the breast  is highly serious. Occasionally theparents lack the skills and knowledge however to disaccustom the child written at night . Occasionally extremely significant time to take maintenance of a baby. Is your baby still may not take maintenance of himself and why is needs of care parent. Thoroughly wash your child in the evening. Particular attention should be given to child hygiene. How to care for the newborn - every parent cares.

However to wean from sucking

In the event that the baby suck a nipple and will not return it to mum, when parent said, try a following:

Persistently reduced span of time when a newborn is permitted sucking a pacifiers.

A child often mimics other older newborn.

Entertain with in addition, donate stickers.

Invite a newborn to give his pacifiers a man newborn knows, such as a grandparent.

Install conditions then child can to suck a soothers - baby is sick then mom must be strong.

Never give a soothers sweet.

Promote the newborn for refusing suck

Point out to the other newborn - that not to the soother.

What to nourish a baby 7 months

In gruel, you can add sliced apples.

Add the gruel a piece of cow butter, about 5 grams.

For early breakfast child may offer half of boiled egg.

Number of gruel may be 150-180 grams.

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