Supervision and care of the child


Wash your child 3 times a day. How to take care for a child - each doctor worries. Careful note should be paid to newborn hygiene. Best solution to feed a child breastfeeding. A lot of problems of worry to each parent - as the newborn is weaned at night . Problem however to wean a child from diapers  is highly influential. Occasionally aparent have not enough skills and information how to disaccustom child from bottle . At times extremely influential time to take care of a child. Is your newborn still may not take maintenance of themselves and why in need of maintenance mum and father. Normal mother knows that a newborn needs special maintenance.

However to stop breastfeed

Quantity of meals may be 130-200 g.

Gruel rice,wheat, semolina - this is best right breakfast for newborn

The best useful of porridge - grits,corn,wheat.

A more water the baby milk, juice, infusion of plum.

How to disaccustom off sucking

In the event that a newborn suck the pacifier and do not want return it to father and mother, if parent try, do so:

Promote the child for refusing suck

Entertain with in addition, give stickers.

Do not give a pacifier confection. Steadily declining span of time when a baby is permitted sucking.

A newborn often mimics other older parent.

Show baby to the older baby - they do not sucking.

Set the regulations under which it is possible to suck a pacifiers - before dream and be steadfast.

Invite a child to give his pacifier a man baby knows, such as a parents.

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