Maintenance of the newborn girl


There are a lot of questions which worry to normal parent - quickly disaccustom child from a breast . Questions quickly wean newborn from the breast  is extremely significant. Sometimes thefather and mum lack a information and skills however to disaccustom baby cry . Often highly important time to take maintenance of a baby. Is your baby still can not take maintenance of himself so is needs of leaving mum. Carefully wash a baby 2 times every day. Careful attention should be given the newborn's ration.

However to disaccustom off suck

If the newborn suck the pacifiers and do not want return it to parent, if father and mom said, try the following:

Do not let the pacifiers sweet.

Invite a newborn to gift his nipple a man he knows, for example to a parent.

Play with in addition, donate stickers.

Foster a baby for refusal of suck

The child often mimics other newborn. Steadily but gradually shrinking period of time when a child is allowed sucking.

Point out to the other child - they do not sucking.

Set the regulations under which newborn can to suck a nipple - before dream and be firm.

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