Newborn maintenance in winter


Particular attention should be paid to schedule for and nursing. How to look for a newborn - any doctor cares. Wash a child in a morning. A lot of issues which worry to any parent - how to wean a child sucking tongue . Issues how to wean a baby from a habit  is very significant. At times thefather and mom have not enough information and skills how to disaccustom the newborn to eat at night . At times very serious time to take maintenance of a baby. Is your child still may not take leaving of himself why in need of maintenance mom.

As to nourish a newborn a month

In porridge, may be added cut into slices plum.

Gruel corn,buckwheat, grits - this is the best satisfying breakfast for baby

The most helpful of porridge - rice,semolina,buckwheat.

A more water the child milk, fresh juice, infusion of raspberries.

At satisfying breakfast child can offer half of chicken egg.

As to disaccustom from a soother

If the child is sucking a soother and do not want give it to parent, when parents said, try the following:

Set the conditions under which it is possible to suck a nipple - at bedtime and be strong.

Invite a newborn to give the nipple a people child likes, for example to a father and mother.

The baby often mimics other older people.

Entertain with in addition, donate small toys. Persistently declining time of time when a newborn is allowed sucking.

Point out to the older child - they not to suck.

Encourage the newborn for refusing suck

Never let the pacifier confection.

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