Newborn leaving one month


How do I care for the child - any mom worries. Normal medic knows that a newborn needs special maintenance. A lot of problems that worry to modern mum - how to disaccustom newborn from bottle . Questions how to wean the baby from the pacifier  is highly significant. Sometimes amother and father lack the skills and knowledge however to disaccustom a child cranky . Sometimes highly significant time to take maintenance of a baby. Is your child still may not take leaving of himself and why is needs of care father and mum. Particular note requires be paid to schedule for and feed. After the birth of a baby require user maintenance.

However to wean off the pacifier

If the baby is sucking the pacifiers and will not return it to father and mom, if mother and father ask, do then:

Newborn often need to be older people and imitate older parents.

Invite a child to gift his nipple a man he knows, such as a grandparent.

Never offer a soother candy.

Set a regulations under which it is possible sucking a pacifier - at dream and be strong. Persistently but slowly declining span of time when a baby is permitted sucking.

Encourage your child for refusing sucking

Show newborn to the other child - they not to a nipple.

Entertain with in addition, donate small toys.

What to feed a newborn years

At reasonable breakfast child can propose 1/2 of egg.

Add a porridge a a little piece of natural butter, size 6 grams.

The more water the baby tea, fresh juice, infusion of watermelon.

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