Newborn care up to a month


Any doctor awares that a newborn requires every day care. A lot of problems of concern to every mother and father - as a baby is weaned at night . Problem as to disaccustom a child from diapers  is extremely important. Occasionally amum and father have not enough skills and knowledge however to disaccustom a baby whining . Often extremely influential time to take maintenance of a newborn. Is your child still may not take leaving of themselves why in need of leaving father and mum. Thoroughly wash your baby in a evening.

As to wean off sucking

In the case that the newborn is sucking a pacifiers and do not want give it to parents, when mum and father said, do then:

Steadily but slowly declining span of period when a newborn is permitted sucking.

Set a regulations then baby may to suck a pacifiers - child is sick then parents must be strong.

Ask a newborn to give his pacifier a people he likes, for example to a parent.

Never let a pacifier candy.

Newborn often need to be parents and imitate older parent.

Promote a baby for refusing suck

Point out to a older baby - they not to suck.

Entertain with in addition, give gifts.

How to feed a newborn

Number of meals should be 130-200 grams.

For first breakfast baby can propose 0.5 of fresh egg.

Gruel wheat,corn, semolina - this is best right breakfast for newborn

A most helpful of gruel - rice,grits,wheat.

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